VIP Hoover Dam Tour from Las Vegas

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Half-Day Tour from Las Vegas: Overview

  • Free pick up at major hotels in the Las Vegas area.
  • Departure: Approximately 7:00 am
  • Return: Approximately 12:00 pm (Approx 5 hours)
  • Tour Includes: Snack, Bottled Water
  • Price: $89/person – Lowest Price Guarantee

Hoover Dam VIP Tour

Hoover Dam was built in a narrow canyon on the Colorado River.

hoover dam helicopter tour
Aerial view of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Lake elevation 1088.14 feet above sea level.

When it was built, in the 1930s, during America’s Great Depression, it was twice as high as any other structure of its kind in the world. This was an amazing achievement for the time, and now it is nearly 100 years old, and still works perfectly.

Visitors from around the world have come for decades to see picturesque views of Lake Mead and the Colorado River.

Now, more than 1 million visitors each year come for a Hoover Dam tour.

black canyon colorado river hoover dam tour
Hoover Dam at twilight, downstream in Black Canyon on Colorado River

The size, design, dimensions, construction methods, so much came together to make it a ‘Wonder of the World’.

Part of this tour includes a movie showing some of the histories of how it got done. It demonstrates man’s genius of design, planning, and performance and it shows man’s outstanding ability to overcome the desert’s summer sun, the dangers of a treacherous river, and the extreme hazards of great heights on the canyon’s sheer walls. A truly great story, a fascinating documentary, and after the movie you’ll get on an elevator that takes you to hard-rock tunnels that lead you into the generator rooms.

This Hoover Dam tour includes the movie, views from the interior base of the dam into the Generator Room, the Visitor Center and Historical Displays, and ample time to walk on Hoover Dam for breathtaking views from the top.

hoover dam tour from las vegas bypass bridge
Colorado River, Black Canyon, downstream of Hoover Dam

While walking over the dam, on one side you’ll see Lake Mead, the world’s largest man-made reservoir; on the other side, you’ll look way down the face of the dam to the Colorado River, with a terrific view of the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge.

On the eastern edge of the canyon, in Arizona, you have fabulous views and photo ops including the Bypass Bridge and Lake Mead.

big horn sheep hoover dam tour from las vegas
Big Horn Sheep

Before returning to Las Vegas we stop at a local park where, in season, herds of Big Horn Sheep often come down from the surrounding mountains to gather and graze on the sweet grass.

Travel and Amenities

  • $89 per person
  • Includes unlimited bottled water and snacks
  • Gratuity Not Included.

Hoover Dam Tour Times

  • Operates Daily
  • Departure: Approximately 7:00 am
  • Return time: Approximately 1:00 pm
  • Pick up at Hotel

Points of Interest

  • Hoover Dam, of course!
  • Historic Documentary Movie, how it was built
  • Massive Generator Room
  • Visitor Center
  • Walk across top of Hoover Dam
  • Views of Colorado River, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam Bridge (great photo ops)
  • A fun stop at a local park to see Wild Big Horn Sheep (seasonal appearances)

What to wear

  • Hiking or athletic walking shoes
  • Temperatures are cooler from October – February so long pants and a light jacket are appropriate.
  • March – September temperatures are warm where shorts, hat, and light shirt are comfortable

Vehicles Used – (Company’s Choice)

  • 7-passenger Luxury 4×4 SUV’s
  • 12-passenger VIP mini-coaches
  • 14-passenger VIP touring class mini-coaches