Area 51 Day Tour from Las Vegas: Overview

Full-Day Tour

  • Free pick up at major hotels in the Las Vegas area.
  • Departure: Approximately 7:00 am
  • Return: Approximately 5:00pm (Approx 10 hours)
  • Tour Includes: Lunch, Snacks, Unlimited Bottled Water
  • Price: $199/person – Lowest Price Guarantee


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Area 51: Fact or Fiction?

Find Your Answer on this Extra-Terrestrial Tour!

Starting at the secret Janet Airlines in Las Vegas, to the very edge of Area 51, as close as anyone is allowed.

ET Hwy 375 – Area 51, Rachel, NV

Along the way, you’ll learn about the top-secret military facility, and we’ll point out popular UFO sighting spots and landmarks.

Are you curious about aliens, secrets our government doesn’t talk about, and what could possibly be happening at Area 51?

This tour to Area 51 is for you!

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Highlights: Area 51 Tour from Las Vegas

  • Discover the top-secret history of Area 51 airbase with an experienced guide
  • Travel between Area 51 highlights with ease aboard a luxury SUV
  • Snacks and bottled water to keep you energized and hydrated in the heat
  • Lunch at the World-Famous ‘Little A’Le Inn’ at Rachel, Nevada
  • Hassle-free round-trip transport from Las Vegas included

Description: Area 51 Day Tour from Las Vegas

This amazing day starts with a stop and viewing of the top-secret Janet Airlines.

janet airline area 51 day tour from las vegas
Janet Airlines leaving Las Vegas for Area 51

Janet Airlines is, without doubt, the most mysterious airline in the world – the airline that doesn’t exist but is registered to the US Air Force.

“JANET’ may have two meanings, no one knows which is true:

  • “Just A Non-Existant Terminal” – or –
  • “Joint Air Network Employee Transportation.”

Based at Las Vegas International Airport, this fleet of unmarked jets has been hiding in plain sight for decades. They transport many hundreds of workers daily, to and from the famous and supposedly closed and abandoned “Area 51.”

The route to Area 51 is through some of the most desolate, uninhabited and incredibly scenic deserts in the world.

After an amazing journey through a stunning Joshua Tree Forest, we arrive on the edge of an ancient dry lake where we can see very old, very unusual Indian Petroglyphs that resemble Aliens.

We then explore this mysterious dry lake where UFO sightings often occur.

lunch at rachel nv little alien burgers
Looking for Lunch at the Little A’Le’ Inn – Rachel, NV – Area 51 is nearby

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Soon you will be on the “Extraterrestrial Highway” on our way to the middle of nowhere for lunch at the famous Little A’le’ Inn.
This location has been host to numerous documentaries and movies including “Independence Day.”

area 51 day trip rachel little a le inn
Mural at Little A’Le’ Inn, Rachel, Nevada

After a very tasty Alien Burger at the Little A’le’ Inn we journey to the infamous Black Mailbox location, (the mailbox was recently abducted); the Black Mailbox has been a sacred meeting place for UFO enthusiasts for decades.

We then drive down the lonely road through a strange and mutant Joshua Tree forest that takes us to the absolute perimeter of Area 51.

You will be close enough to wave at the heavily armed guards in their 4×4 parked on the desert hillside but they never wave back. They just wait and watch from behind their darkened windows.

Area 51 security, some call them ‘The Cammo Dudes’. They take their jobs very seriously.
  • You can count on seeing the guards (The Men In Black). They are always there, always watchful, and always have their high powered weapons.
  • You will see the sign that warns you: “Top Secret Military Facility, Keep Out, Use of Deadly Force Authorized”.
  • You will see the most visible high-tech listening devices and cameras mounted among the cactus.
  • You won’t see their hidden and most secretive, most sensitive detection devices.

It’s very spooky.  You get the strong feeling they are serious about guarding the area, and you imagine they don’t have a sense of humor if you cross the line.

F117 in camo over area 51 near las vegas
Something you might see on an Area 51 day tour from Las Vegas

The United States government has denied the existence of the base at Area 51 for decades.

We know for sure it is there but to this day, no one knows what they do there.

This is an Extreme Tour to the edge of the world’s most top-secret military facility, the real home of the X Files: AREA 51.

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  • Complimentary pick up and return to all Las Vegas strip and downtown hotels.
  • All tours are “Soft Adventure” for families and older folks.
  • Heights and weights are required for vehicle loading and comfort.

FAQs: Area 51 Day Tour from Las Vegas

What is included in the ticket price?

In addition to the tour and sightseeing opportunities, guests receive

  • lunch,
  • snacks, and
  • unlimited bottled water.
  • Gratuity for guide is not included.
  • To commemorate your out-of-this-world tour experiences, t-shirts are available for purchase on the tour as well.

When are tours offered?

  • Tours are offered on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • For groups of more than four (4) people, call 1-702-420-8161 for any day availability.

When does the tour begin / end?

  • The departure for the tour is at approximately 7:00 am.
  • The tour will return at around approximately 5:00 pm
  • This tour is about 10-hours.

What will I see on the tour?

  • Guests have the opportunity to see
  • the top-secret Janet Airlines that transports workers to Area 51 daily,
  • drive down Extraterrestrial Highway,
  • explore the mysterious Dry Lake,
  • drive up to the absolute perimeter of Area 51, and more.

What should I wear?

  • Guests should wear hiking or athletic shoes.
  • Dependent upon the season, guests should wear either long pants and a jacket (October through February) or
  • shorts, a hat, and a light shirt (March through September).

What will I be traveling in?

  • Guests will be transported by a 7-passenger Luxury 4×4 SUV, the company’s choice.
  • A complimentary pick-up from your hotel is available.

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